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Home Board of Directors



Johnny Godair

Bishop Johnny Godair has served the apostolic movement for over 50 years as a leader, evangelist, church planter, pastor and an organizational executive. He is currently pastoring one of the largest Apostolic Pentecostal churches in the nation. In January of 2008 he was asked to serve as Chairman of the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Bishop Godair and his gracious wife Mickey, currently pastor the First Pentecostal Church in Durham, North Carolina. Their ministry in Durham spans 35 years and it continues to flourish. One of the largest and most complete facilities of any apostolic church in the state, they are always looking for ways to expand and grow the church. In 2006 they purchased a large existing church plant to house their growing Spanish Church. 

Bishop Godair has preached camps, conferences and conventions of every degree. He has preached in literally every state in the nation and many nations across the seas. When growing, holiness minded churches are mentioned, Johnny Godair and First Pentecostal Church are part of the discussion. Not only has he preached across the nation and internationally but he is also equally at home in home missions atmospheres. Johnny and Mickey Godair have maintained a connection with their roots. Never too busy to spend time with a struggling young preacher . . . never inadequate to stand before aristocracy, Bishop Godair’s influence will be felt for generations.

The Sanctuary is privileged to have him serve on its Board of Directors. Pastor Erskine and his wife Beth are blessed of God to have the Bishop and Sis. Godair serve as their mentors, friends and elders.


Scott Smith

Pastor Scott Smith began his public ministry in Alexandria, Louisiana, under the watchful eye of G.A. Mangun. Being around Pastor Smith, it doesn’t take long before you hear him extolling the virtues of Bro. Mangun’s influence. In 1983 Scott and his wife Carolyn moved to Columbia, South Carolina to dig out a work for God. What began as a dream and aspiration has turned into a growing revival church, one of the largest, truly apostolic churches in South Carolina. Their burden for souls is exemplified in their quest for more churches being planted in South Carolina. Pastor Smith has established two daughter works in South Carolina along with  founding Christ Center in West Columbia. Under the guidance of Pastor Smith, these churches are growing and establishing themselves as stable, productive churches.

Pastor Smith and his genuine kindness made a huge impact on Pastor and Sis. Erskine while they were yet young in ministry. Always available, always kind, always engaging, Pastor Smith’s willingness to spend and be spent so moved Pastor and Sis. Erskine, they asked him to serve as a mentor and Board of Directors member.

The Sanctuary is again privileged to have someone as capable and genuine as Pastor Scott Smith serve on its Board of Directors.


Kenny Godair

Kenny and his wife Diane are a study in perseverance and persistence. Time and space will not permit the telling of their story in totality; suffice it to say God has brought them to this place in the Kingdom, “ . . .for such a time as this.” Kenny Godair pastors a growing, revival minded church in Burlington, North Carolina; by far one of the most exciting churches you will ever visit. In 2006 they finished phase one of their new church plant on Hanford Rd, off interstate 85 in Burlington. Pastor Godair has preached camps, conferences and conventions of every fashion. From coast to coast and border to border, his name is synonymous with apostolic revival.

Pastor Godair’s trademark is solid, consistent, positive preaching. His faith in God and his motivation to do more for God is infectious. The World of Pentecost Church hears an unswerving message of possibility and revival every week. Though known nationwide for his no-nonsense approach to the Kingdom of God, he is also widely known for his equity. Many are the times when being introduced; the moderator will speak of this man's fairness to all men. A quality sadly lacking in today’s world of achievement. Regardless of the situation, when the chips are down, Pastor Godair is known for his loyalty and friendship.

Pastor and Sis. Erskine have asked Kenny and Diane to serve as their personal mentors and elders. No one is beyond reproach, no one is beyond failure; consequently, Kenny and Diane Godair have been charged to oversee the spiritual well being of The Sanctuary’s first family.

The Board of Directors for The Sanctuary church is not some hollow committee. This board serves in conjunction with the local assembly to ensure propriety, accountability and protection. The Sanctuary Church is after all an apostolic church; it should operate with apostolic procedure.