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Our Assistant Pastor

Aaron and Alycia Avery



It was the United States Marine Corps that brought Aaron and Alycia to North Carolina in 1998.  Married in 1996, they were a young couple unaware of what God had in store for them.  Aaron, being the son of an Apostolic minister, has a childhood full of church memories.  Alycia, on the other hand, had no kind of religious upbringing.  God finally led them to a growing church on Tom Mann Rd in July of 1999.  It is there that Aaron was refilled with the Holy Ghost and Alycia received the Holy Ghost for the first time and was baptized in Jesus’ name.  After two deployments to Iraq and 15 years of service, Aaron left the Marine Corps in January 2010 feeling a call to the Ministry.  He was installed as the Assistant Pastor of the Sanctuary of Newport on January 23, 2011.

Their walk with God hasn’t been without ups and downs and they are incredibly thankful for the mercies of God.  Although they realize there is much to learn and much growing to do, the Avery’s feel blessed to be used in this capacity.  They know that under the anointed leadership of Pastor and Sister Erskine they will be able to meet any challenge that comes their way. They have three children, Hope, Leo, and Honor. Hope was born in February 2009, and the twins were born in December 2012.